Thursday, December 19, 2013

Candy Houses 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited back to the Candy House party at the Gee's.  Last year we had quite an evening of sugar and spice and everything nice.  This year the girls were both more prepared and more distracted.  You see, there was a promised surprise midway through the evening that put everyone on a shorter time table for construction and design.

So some of the designs suffered a bit...

Others did not.

The usual suspects were there with a few new faces.

We really destroy John's house in the process of creating these houses.  The floor is covered in sugar and ground up candy with the occasional sticky gummy bear residue.  Most of the time I can tamp down the overwhelming need to start sweeping up and just enjoy the festivities.  (It is really very good immersion therapy for me.)

Daddy and daughter building together.  One oreo for the house, one for oreo for the house, one for me...

I like the modern design of this house.  Although I worry that the roof will collect water if it rains.

Here is the candy house development.  Obviously we need to work on the neighborhood covenants for next year.

Some of the property values will suffer because of the poor choices next door.

But do they look like they really care?  Nope.

The big surprise was a limo ride to look at Christmas lights.

Everyone had a great time, except Lucy.  She didn't like the loud noises or the bright flashing lights or the loud music.  So we asked if we could sit up front with the driver.  After that, she was extremely pleased.  It was quiet and calm and all was right with her world.  She perked right up and talked the driver's ears off.

Thanks John for another memorable evening!

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