Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Silver Dollar City

We went to Silver Dollar City with my mom over the Christmas break.  But Lucy kept calling it Silver Dollar Sylvia.  We had a great, but a wee bit chilly, day there.  The Christmas lights were beautiful and they had it nicely decorated for the holiday season.

We were sending selfie's home to Mike who was on call and couldn't come with us.

Here is a selfie that Emma Jane photo bombed.

Emma and I broke away for a bit and rode roller coasters together.  Then we met back up with Lucy and they went in here.

This is the monstrous playhouse where Emma lost track of Lucy.  She came out with this look on her face that I will not soon forget.  She explained to me that she had lost her sister.  We both went in after her and left Grandma to wait where we had been sitting.  I knew that Lucy knew where we were waiting so she would come to us if she had made it out, so I knew she was inside.  But there are about three levels to this monstrosity and 6 or 7 sections.  When we finally found her she was playing in a ball pit getting pelted by soft foam balls from cannons.  I hugged her to me and said, "We found you!  Oh Lucy, you were lost!"  She said, "I wasn't lost Mommy, I knew where I was the whole time."

And since I most recently bragged about Emma, I will go ahead and brag about five year old Lucy.

We were waiting in line for the train and Emma saw this huge swinging ride in the distance.  This was the view.

Emma Jane said to Lucy that she didn't remember seeing that ride last time they were at SDC with Grandma.  Emma said that she wondered if it was new.  Lucy looked over at the ride in the distance and said, "Or maybe because the last time we were here it was summer and there were leaves on the trees and that's why we didn't see it."

Doesn't she look smart with that eyebrow raised?  Smart, sweet girls!

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