Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Before School Science Lesson

This morning on the way to school Lucy asked, "Mommy, why do we need trees?"

Well Lucy, we need trees to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.  We exhale carbon dioxide and the trees take in that carbon dioxide along with sunlight and H2O and they release oxygen into the air so we can breathe.  We also need trees for shade.  They provide important habitat for birds and other animals who use the trees as their homes.  Once upon a time, humans cut down too many trees because we wanted the land or the wood to build things or to make paper, but we discovered that we altered the lives of animals and whole ecosystems by cutting down too many trees.

There are so many things that put carbon dioxide out into the air, like cars and coal plants, and cows.  This carbon dioxide is causing the planet to warm up just a little and changing the weather patterns.  We need all the trees to scrub the air clean and convert as much CO2 as possible into O2.

In her announcers voice Emma then said "And that concludes our before-school science lesson of the day.  Mom, when I ride the bus next year to middle school, how will I get the 10 minute science lesson of the day?"

Good question.

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