Monday, April 28, 2014


When we were in Colorado for Spring Break we bought a book on bubble blowing fun. It had a recipe in it for making your own bubbles. I doctored it a bit (because I can never follow a recipe exactly) and we used the rope and stick that came with the book to make these great bubbles in the front yard. Look at Emma's face.

I used the sports mode on my big canon camera to shoot these photos.  It has a burst mode and it captured the bubbles bursting in mid air.  Love this effect and the girls loved seeing it in the pictures because it was way to fast to see with the naked eye. 

Emma twirled the bubbles around her, too.  

But by far the most hilarious moments were when the bubbles stopped forming and the girls started chanting and singing in the front yard.  Emma remarked that the bubble magic had left them and that they should try to bring back the bubble magic.  So Lucy and Emma started chanting "magic be with us, magic be with us..."  I am pretty sure that between the dancing and the chanting the neighbors think we are wicken now.   But it worked...the bubbles returned (after the wind died down).

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  1. You'll have to send me the name of the book. This would be such a fun gift for our niece and one day for Jack. We are just trying to master blowing bubbles right now. :)