Monday, April 28, 2014

Too Busy and Too Opinionated

I have not blogged in a long time. I took time off for lots of reasons. I told myself and others I was too busy. But the reasons are more complex than that. Yes, I am busy, but another reason is I felt like I couldn't say what I wanted to say anymore. I had too many people reading my blog and I didn't want to make anyone mad. I also felt like people were tired of reading about my kids and that was so much of what I had to say. So I stopped. Well now I am back and I realize that I missed over two months of logging my children's life. I started this blog for them and for me. Not for anyone else. So if I make people mad or if they get sick of reading about my kids then they should stop tuning in. I am back and I have a lot to say. It feels better to vent on here. I can't believe that I worried about losing followers over this. Just look, there are only 13 of you. I would post a link to Facebook and according to the stats 94 people would click over, but only 9 people would hit the like button. I'm tired of measuring myself by that yardstick. Good riddance. Let's get something off my chest. Every single morning I sit in traffic in order to take my girls to school. The left lane has been closed for 5 months due to construction heading north. And every morning the same people pass me on the left as we just sit in our little line waiting to get on the highway. It is as if they think we are stupid or slow and that the rules just don't apply to them. I assure you, my IQ is just fine and my foot is heavy when it counts. But I think that society as a whole is better if we follow the rules and all do what is expected of us. If we all tried to cut in line, it would wreak havoc on the other end. And you have car seats in your big 'ol SUV and your kids are watching you. And your kids are going to be the ones who cut in line at school because they think that the rules don't apply to them. Enough! Get in line like the rest of us! The same rules apply to you! Yes, I am in a hurry too! I also have to get to work! My job is very important too! My life is also very worthwhile and important! I have recognized several people that I know zip past me morning after morning. I have lost respect for them. Completely. What are you teaching your children? If you drive fast enough or wave sweet enough, you can just jump to the front of the line? Well, when that person slowed down for you, they kept us from making it through the light, so yea, it does have an actual affect on us. What you do does affect others. It makes us later because were were too stupid to follow the rules. Then I get to school and see people not following procedure for drop off and parking in the crosswalk and I think to myself, "Why bother?" Why do I bother to teach my kids to do the right thing? I am in the minority. I am a salmon swimming upstream. So are my kids.


  1. Ah, the life of living near 31/Yale. I do believe it's been under construction ever since we moved there. I always make sure and call Chris gripe to him about the current construction job even though it is never his job. Please don't judge all of us that use the left lane....some of us wait until the traffic stops to get over or until we see 5 cars all taking the first entrance ramp onto the BA....but only occasionally ;)

    Anyhow, welcome back to blogging! Your kids will enjoy all that you have done to document their days.

  2. Why bother? I get it. I am often frustrated at these very same things. I guess we "bother" because more than likely someone "bothered" with us about it. And look how great we turned out! :). I am glad you are back. When did we all get so sensitive? I enjoy your stories and photos and look forward to more. And guess what? If I don't like something ya post, I am a big girl and have the panties to go with it!