Monday, May 12, 2014

Ballet Recital 2014

Lucy had a ballet recital this past Saturday.  She takes ballet at her school and each spring they put on a recital with other classes from the studio.  Last year I was able to capture this photo.

So this year, I was expecting something equally feminine and sweet.  When Lucy came home with the recital costume that I shelled out $125 for, I was, um, well, a little surprised.   I tried to be supportive and outwardly positive but I knew that I would not be getting any Christmas card shots this year.

When you go to a recital you expect to see this...

And this

But the Mayo girls showed up in this...

wearing camo. 

As the Mayo girls walked into the foyer, I noticed the other moms pull their princesses closer to them.  I chuckled to myself.  I wanted to yell out "North Side" or start throwing gang signs but I resisted. 

I also heard someone say "minecraft" as we were walking in.  Lucy's class was dancing to a song from the Lion King called "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" but I still didn't really get the costume.

This is sweet little Anna with her buddy Emma Jane.  The costumes look a little better without the camo overlay.  And here is Lucy with her teacher.

Paint ball anyone????

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