Sunday, July 27, 2014

Florida detour via Ft Walton Beach

We are driving to Tampa and couldn't resist a quick stop on the emerald coast. After almost not finding a place to sleep for the night and waking up in a place I would never let my daughters sleep in without their father, we set out for a little beach time. 

This is Ft Walton Beach. It was deserted on a Sunday morning. We shared it with about 10 other humans, a few seagulls and a few crabs. 

The girls were mesmerized by the white sand. Lucy loved the waves and water. 

We didn't get to spend nearly enough time here; we must plan a trip back to this region of Florida. 

We stopped in Panama City for lunch and ate outside overlooking the water and the beach. The breeze was cool and the palm trees were swaying.  It was a perfect beach lunch. 

On to Tampa.


  1. glad you all are having such a wonderful time. Grandma

  2. Girls are beautiful and so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Hope everything goes well next week too. It rained here for two days with temps in 70s. Was the coolest July on record. Rod had cataract surgery this morning so I am taking care of him and doing the driving. Will go to Poteau tomorrow. Lots of rain there this week too so the grass is growing and flowers thriving. So thankful for such a lovely summer. Mom