Monday, July 28, 2014

Tampa: Day One

Report on the day:   Emma and Lucy loved sailing camp.  When I returned to the hotel room from my conference I asked both girls about their day.  Emma said "It was awesome".  She took a boat out all by herself.  She said she feels confident and even though she hit the buoys a couple of times she feels like she can handle it.  She doesn't feel like there is a lot of room in the Opti but is comfortable sailing it.

Lucy went out on an Opti with two other little girls all by themselves.  "We just barely ran into a big boat with our boat, Mom".  It sounds like she had a great half day at sailing camp.  She spent the afternoon playing with her daddy.  She also described her day as great.

I went to my conference in this building.  It is one amazing place.


And if you ask me about my tour of this magnificent facility, "It was awesome!"  Although they would not let me take photos; I was so disappointed.  They were running a trauma simulation that was similar to a Boston marathon trauma and I can see why they wouldn't have wanted that on film.  It was very, um, disturbingly real. 

This facility is really spectacular and I get to go back tomorrow!

We went to dinner on a trolley and had the most wonderful evening. We watched flamenco dancers and ate in a beautiful historic restaurant. 

Good night!

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