About Me

I am a crafty, science mom.  I love to sew, print, bake, knit, iron on, hot glue and bake.  I majored in Chemistry but no longer use it in my job.  Now I just use it in my crafts and bring it up in conversation as often as possible.  I am an anagram, palindrome, word fanatic.  I have a wonderful husband and two little girls who keep me busy.  I am a recovering perfectionist who is trying to accept that life is messy.

Below is a limerick that I wrote that might help you better understand who I am.

A challenge from a dear old friend
Write a limerick about me and send
To Facebook I’ll post
And hope for the most
Comments right after the end

She’s obsessed with the periodic table
From memory, the chart she can label
With glee she’ll recite
Which elements ignite
And which ones are really unstable

She is also smitten with fonts
The choices, so many, it haunts
From gothic to glyphs
Through thousands she sifts
For just the right one that she wants

But her favorite thing is to sail
In the sun with a bottle of ale
For summer she wishes
While she does the dishes
In winter which moves like a snail

For now I think I should cease
For my brain is starting to crease
From left brain to right
The transition is tight
With time running out on my lease